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As soon as we receive your cryptocurrency, we intiate the bank transfer to your account. 

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Learn about DAI

DAI's history

DAI first came into being in 2017 and was derived from the cutting-edge MakerDAO ecosystem. Holders of the entity’s governance token, MKR, are in charge of running it. The main goal of DAI’s creation was to reduce the well-known price volatility connected to cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Bitcoin. DAI sought to establish itself as a reliable medium of exchange in the otherwise unstable world of digital assets by pegged its value to the US dollar.

What is DAI?

This leads us to the fundamental principles of DAI. How does it manage to hold its value in the face of the volatile cryptocurrency market, one would wonder? Its intrinsic over-collateralization and smart contract architecture on the Ethereum blockchain are its secrets. Users must lock up more value in collateral than they want to earn in order to create DAI. In the event that the collateral’s value declines, the “Liquidation Engine” mechanism kicks in to auction off collateral assets, guaranteeing that DAI’s value stays steady.

Furthermore, users can lock up assets like ETH and BAT by using smart contracts, particularly those in the Maker Protocol. This creates debt against the locked assets, which is represented by DAI. Its peg to the US dollar is maintained in large part because to this process, which gives traders and users confidence in its stability.

Behind the Curtain: The Mastermind – MakerDAO

MakerDAO is the mastermind behind DAI’s magic, yet it’s not a traditional entity. It serves as an example of decentralized government in action, in which a community of MKR token holders rather than a central authority makes decisions. These stakeholders have a crucial role in determining the direction that DAI will take going forward. They cast votes on important issues such as stability fees, or the interest rate that users who create DAI must pay, and the kinds of collateral assets that the system will accept. Since there isn’t a single organization in charge in this decentralized environment, governance is transparent and democratic.

What makes DAI unique?

In among the plethora of cryptocurrencies, DAI weaves a singular pattern in multiple dimensions. First off, unlike other stablecoins, its stability stems from carefully crafted processes and a collateralized debt position (CDP) rather than just reserve backing. By securing collateral such as ETH, users can acquire DAI, offering a transparent and decentralized stablecoin generation process.

Furthermore, the stability charge of DAI, which is effectively a variable-rate interest cost, has an interesting use in that it serves as a mechanism to guarantee stability by either encouraging or discouraging the creation of additional DAI tokens. Adjustments are made to the stability charge in order to return DAI’s price to the appropriate peg when its market price deviates from $1.

A further component that provides DAI holders with an extra degree of utility and incentive is the DAI Savings Rate (DSR), which is another example of the architectural genius of DAI. Users can earn more DAI over time by only keeping DAI in a DSR smart contract. This is a potent lure for users and investors looking for steady profits in the cryptocurrency space.

Viewed through a more expansive perspective, DAI’s focus on decentralization is evident in both its architecture and its uses. It is present in all DeFi platforms and applications, giving users who want to lend, borrow, or take advantage of other decentralized financial services without being subject to the vagaries of volatile cryptocurrency markets a steady and dependable medium of exchange and store of value.

Exploring its Multifaceted Applications

Even with its stability and decentralized governance, DAI is incredibly useful. Its use spans a wide range of applications within the DeFi ecosystem, serving as a stable asset for yield farming and liquidity provision, a medium of exchange in decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and collateral in decentralized lending platforms. With DAI integrated into numerous platforms and services across the blockchain domain, it may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including trading, savings, payments, and more, resulting in its ever-expanding utility.

DAI is a symbol of the creative spirit of decentralized finance, serving as a link between the disruptive potentials of blockchain technology and the familiarity and use of traditional fiat currencies. By virtue of its decentralized governance structure, stability guaranteed by smart contracts, and wide range of uses both inside and outside of the DeFi ecosystem, DAI is more than just a cryptocurrency—it’s a financial tool that is reshaping the ways that traditional finance and digital assets are portrayed.

All things considered, the tapestry of DAI is woven from the unique blockchain technology, decentralized governance, and painstakingly designed stability mechanisms, making it stand out not just in the cryptocurrency space but also have a major impact on the larger financial ecosystem. Users, traders, and developers create a future where finance is continuous, inclusive, and fundamentally decentralized by traveling with DAI, where the security of traditional money and the infinite potential of blockchain technology meet.

DAI vs other Stablecoins

In the crowded stablecoin space, DAI stands out for constructing a unique story that balances stability and decentralization. In contrast to its counterparts, such USDT (Tether) or USDC (USD Coin), which are supported by central reserves of fiat money, DAI uses smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and collateralized debt positions (CDPs) to create a decentralized system that ensures stability. Users secure collateral, usually in excess of the DAI issued value, guaranteeing an inherent value supporting its stability. While USDT and USDC assert a 1:1 peg with the US dollar and rely on central organizations to maintain similar reserves, DAI’s decentralization eliminates this need and offers transparency via on-chain verifications. Because of this unique quality, DAI is not just a stablecoin but also a champion of financial decentralization, maintaining stability without sacrificing the core values of cryptocurrencies. As a result, customers have a trustworthy and independently stabilized financial tool to help them manage the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market.

Frequently asked questions


When you sell DAI, we will initiate a bank transfer to your bank as soon as we receive your DAI. The money usually arrives within hours, but always within 2 business days.

As soon as we receive your DAI, the price gets locked in.

When selling, the price is locked in after your transaction has 1 confirmation on the blockchain. That usually never takes more than 5 minutes.

Check out our instructions here on how to easily and safely store your coins and find your cryptocurrency “address”! We recommend that you create your own wallet. With a cryptocurrency wallet that you create yourself, you will keep what is called your “private key”. With a private key, you can restore your wallet at any time – this means that even if your computer crashes, you can easily access your coins.
In order to complete identity verification, have your passport or driver’s license ready as well as a device with your camera. Then begin your verification, take an image of your passport or driver’s license and take a live selfie of your face. Once done, you will have to wait for the system to verify your identity. This usually takes 5-10 minutes. If you have to verify your address, we need a document that is no older than 3 months old. This can be a bank statement, rent agreement, water bill, utility bill, etc. If you experience problems or have any questions about the process, please message us in our livechat. Identity verification is required in order to comply with money laundering regulations.
Cryptocurrency is taxed differently based on the jurisdiction you reside in. Please check with your local tax authorities to figure out which tax implications you are subject to. We make it easy and transparent for you to report and do bookkeeping on all of your purchases and sales of cryptocurrency. At the end of the year, we’ll send you a summary of all of your trades.
We’re ready to answer your questions in the livechat. In addition, we can be contacted by email at contact@bitinvestor.net, where we will also help you as soon as possible!